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February 7, 2010

Introduction to Lillian’s Interview Alley

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            Lillian Cauldwell, author, playwright and Internet talk radio interviewer has created a blog for people who want to learn and take their ‘interview skills’ to the next level.  I call it ‘Interview Alley’ because a person can find all types of stuff in an alley.

            Lillian’s Interview Alley is a journey for authors, speakers, students, professors, journalists and others learning the finer points of interviewing and how to have a good interview.   What makes a good interview?

            First, we need to define interview.  An interview is an exchange of ideas, opinions and words between two and more people.  Since interviews can take any place anywhere, the person interviewed should be prepared to answer any and all questions that might get asked during that interview.

            Some people may go through several stages of an interview.  Interviews can be done via a phone line, a video conference line, in person, in an office, a bookstore, on site, on television, or even in a jail house.  Interviews are a part of person’s life whether in business, personal or even spiritual.  Interviews can happen planned or unplanned.  Like the proverbial Girl Scout, Be prepared. 

            What will you find in an Interview Alley?   

            Interviewer’s voice tone.

            Phrasing the question.  Is it adversarial, confrontation, serious, playful, funny, strange, weird?

            Not answering or evading the question

            Aiming question back at interviewer.

            Change the direction of the interview.

            Handling an interview may result in anger, fright, embarrassment, humiliation.  You might leave and walk out, slam the phone down, or use an expletive.

            Treating an interview as serious, playful, arrogant, egostistical, frustrated, or annoyed.

            Expertise ignored, rejected, or dismissed.

            Interview questions can range from the sublime to the ridiculous.  What’s an interviewee’s job?

           Come prepared:  Notes written on a 3 by 5 card.  Re-read the book the night before.  Prepared short answers.  Don’t volunteer additional information unless you’re asked for it.

            Interviews are a fact of life.  Some may determine job loss or job hiring,  books promoted or books ignored, products and services successful or failed.  Like swinging doors, Interviews help a person get to their final destination.  Remember, you determine whether or not that particular interview succeeds or fails.

            Let Lillian’s Interview Alley help you achieve that success!



  1. A job interview is another part of that philosophy that says “your whole career is a
    conversation.” It is a relationship building activity that allows you and a prospective employer to
    measure your combination of interests and abilities, with a company’s culture and challenges. A
    proactive person views a job interview as an opportunity to develop a network relationship. It is not a
    life or death situation, but one of exploration for opportunities for both parties involved. It may be the
    beginning of a long-term relationship and the utmost respect is top priority.

    Comment by Pat Meehan — February 8, 2010 @ 12:29 am | Reply

  2. Thanks for the enlightening introduction on interviews. Since I got on the internet 11 years ago, many people with newsletters wanted an interview with me and my know how about writing, self-publishing and marketing books.

    WE figured out a way to interview with ease. Hosts emailed me the questions, and I gave the answers via email too. Always thinking of ways to expand my visibility and credibility, I transformed these interviews into articles that I posted on Now I’m thinking of another way to repurpose them into a short free Special Report to get my audience to my site. These seem to work even better than my blog. People view the blog, but many don’t comment which we writers would all love.

    Cheers to your new blog! Meaty stuff. I like it,

    Comment by Judy — February 8, 2010 @ 6:41 pm | Reply

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